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If you are not traveling by car, you can plan your journey to arrive either in Llanarth village or in Aberaeron. Llanarth and Aberaeron are both located on the A487 coastal highway. Aberaeron is located about 4 miles to the north of Llanarth. As you will see below, some bus services from Aberystwyth take you directly to Llanarth village, while other services (including all services from Carmarthen) take you to Aberaeron. With advance notice, Phillip Zarrilli can pick you up by car on arrival either in Llanarth or in Aberaeron.

As you plan your journey, if traveling by public transportation (rail/bus), approximate travel times are as follows (see detailed examples below):
From Birmingham New Street rail station to Aberystwyth, then bus to Llanarth - four hours total travel time.
From London Paddington rail station to Carmarthen, then bus to Aberaeron - approximately 6 hours total travel time. (Similar time from London Euston, via Birmingham to Llanarth).

By air
Those traveling internationally may wish to consider flying into Birmingham International Airport since it is the closest airport and there is train service from the airport itself to Birmingham New Street from which there is rail service to Aberystwyth.
You can also consider arriving at either Cardiff or London Heathrow (Gatwick and Stansted are further away and add considerable travel time to the journey).

By train
From Birmingham or the North you will want to plan your travel to

From London, the Southeast/Soutwest, or Cardiff you can choose to travel either to Aberystwyth or Carmarthen.

From Aberystwyth or Carmarthen, your train will connect to bus service taking you either to Llanarth or Aberaeron.

Two examples of journeys by rail/bus

1. London Paddington to Carmarthen by train
ongoing service by bus to Aberaeron:

The following provides you with three examples of the journey:
Mondays to Fridays there is hourly rail service from London Paddington as follows:

Depart London
change in Cardiff or Swansea
arriving Carmarthen
change to X40 bus
departing Carmarthen
7:45 11:47 12:08 13:48
8:45 12:40 13:08 13:48
9:45 13:47 14:08 15:48

2. Birmingham New Street to Aberystwyth
ongoning service by bus to Llanarth:


change to 550 bus
departing Aberystwyth
8:33 11:17 11:35 12:25
10:33 13:17 13:35 14:25

Bus Services
From Aberystwyth, Carmarthen and Cardiff
There is very regular bus service from Aberystwyth to either Aberaeron or to Llanarth village. Buses depart Aberystwyth within 2-3 minute walk from the Rail Station (Aberaeron is located 4 miles from Llanarth).

The following bus services are available Mondays through Saturdays:
From Aberystwyth to Llanarth on the 550 bus:
(request to get down at the Llanina Arms Pub)

depart Aberystwyth arrive Llanarth
11:35 12:25
12.35 13:25
13:35 14:25
14:35 15:35
15:40 16:25
16:40 17:30
17:40 18:30
18:45 19:30
23:15 00:00

The following bus services are available Mondays through Saturdays:
From Aberystwyth to Aberaeron on the X40 Bus:

depart Aberystwyth arrive Aberaeron
11:05 11:45
12:05 12:45
13:05 13.45
14:05 14:45
15:05 15:45
16:10 16:50
17:10 17:50
19:15 19:52

Phillip Zarrilli can pick you up on arrival either in Aberaeron or Llanarth.

The following bus services are available Mondays through Saturdays:
From Carmarthen railway station to Aberaeron on the X40. The bus departs from the Rail Station itself as follows:

depart Carmarthen arrive Aberaeron
11:08 12:48
12:08 13:48
13:08 14:48
14:08 15:48
15:08 16:48
16:08 17:48
17:20 18:51
19:12 20:35
20:10 21:36

You can also take the X40 directly from CARDIFF BUS STATION (next to the rail station in Cardiff) twice daily to ABERAERON:

depart Cardiff arrive Aberaeron
11:10 14:48
18:15 21:36

Return bus service from Aberaeron to Cardiff:

depart Abaereron arrive Cardiff
06:53 10:10
13:45 17:15

From Llanarth/Aberaeron to Aberystwyth or Carmarthen
for connecting trains
Similar return services to those noted above are available.
Check bus services online under the 550 and X40 route numbers: 

By car

Llanarth is located just off the A487 main coastal highway, approximately 4 miles south of Aberaeron, and two miles from Synod Inn.
From Cardiff: 2 hours
From Bristol: 3 hours
From Manchester: 2 ½ to 3 hours
From London: 4 to 5 hours