llanarth group

Phillip B. Zarrilli
Artistic Director

The Llanarth Group was founded in Wales in 2000 by Artistic Director, Phillip Zarrilli when he relocated from the US to the UK. The Llanarth Group is an association of theatre/performance artists dedicated to producing international theatre of the highest quality through in-depth psychophysical training of actors from all cultures. Each production brings together a specific group of collaborators relevant to the aesthetic of a specific project.

The work of The Llanarth Group ranges across a wide variety of aesthetics: Beckett's later, shorter plays (The Beckett Project from 2000, continuing on tour); newly devised/scripted work such as Told by the Wind [Wales/UK, 2009, continuing on tour], The Evora Books [Portugal], 2010), The Echo Chamber (premiering 2012); collaborations with South Asian choreographers/dancers including Walking Naked and the Flowering Tree (Gitanjali Kolanad, 1999-2008) and The Dance of The Drunken Monk and '…sweet…dry…bitter…plaintive' (part of Corpo-realities with Sankalpam, 2004/2010); and large-scale intercultural/multi-cultural productions.

The Echo Chamber (premiering January, 2012)
Told by the Wind (2010, continuing on tour)
The Beckett Project (2000, continuing on tour)

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