Phillip Zarrilli's production work includes:

Theatre Productions
Almond and the Seahorse
The Beckett Project
Speaking Stones
The Maids
The Waterstation
Told by the Wind

South Asian Dance And Drama
Walking Naked
The Flowering Tree
The Dance of The Drunken Monk

Laboratory Explorations
Laboratory explorations are non-public, closed showings of work-in-progress. These projects have been undertaken in a pedagogical setting as an active exploration of the application of psychophysical process to specific dramaturgies and to a specific mise-en-scene.
4:48 Psychosis
The Bald Soprano
Attempts On Her Life

Each section contains detailed information on specific productions or work-in-progress experiments in each category.
Please note that for some specific work detailed information is yet to be added. Please recheck missing information after May, 2006.