selected essays/
chapters in books

2008 “ Embodying Imagining and Performing Displacement and Trauma in Central Europe Today
in Theatre Quarterly Review, Volume 24, Issue 01, Feb 2008, pp 24-40, ed. Maria Shevtsova, Simon Trussler. Cambridge University Press .

2005 “Senses and Silence in Actor Training and Performance
in The Senses in Performance, ed. Andre Lepecki. London: Routledge Press.

2005 “Kalarippayattu…Power, Agency and Self in a South Asian Martial Art” in Subaltern Sports: Politics and Sport in South Asia, ed. James H. Mills. London: Anthem Press, 19-46.

2004 “Toward a Phenomenological Model of the Actor’s Embodied Modes of Experience
Theatre Journal, 56: 653-666.

2003 “Acting/Actor: Non-Western Approaches; Approaches since 1945,” (9-13); “Cavittu Natakam” (232-233); “Kalarippayattu” (663); “Kathakali” 671-673; “Teyyam” (1345-1346)
in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performanced, ed. Dennis Kennedy. Oxford University Press.

2003 “Cavittu Natakam” (102-103); “Kathakali” (333-334); “Martial Art Traditions” (386-387), “Theater and Drama” (598-600)
in South Asian Folklore: An Encyclopedia, eds Margaret Mills, Peter Claus and Sarah Diamond. N.Y.: Routledge Press.

2003 “The silent sense of sound
Pulse: South Asian Dance in the UK
, 24-25. Summer.

2002 “Action, Structure, Task and Emotion: Theories of Acting, Emotion and Performer Training from a Performance Studies Perspective
in Teaching Performance Studies, eds. Nathan Stucky and Cynthia Winner. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, pp. 145-160.

2002 “The Metaphysical Studio
TDR: The Drama Review, 46, 2:157-170.

2001 “Negotiating Performance Epistemologies: knowledges ‘about’, ‘in’ and ‘for’
in Studies in Theatre and Performance, 21, 1:31-46.

1997 “Acting ‘at the nerve ends’”
Theatre Topics, 7, 2:103-16.

1995 “Between Theories and Practices: Dichotomies or Dialogue?
Theatre Topics, 5, 2:111-22.

1992 “To Heal or to Harm: The Vital Spots in Two South Indian Martial ArtsJournal of Asian Martial Arts, 1, 1:36-67; 1, 2:1-15.

1990 “What does it mean ‘to become the character?
in By Means of Performance. eds. Richard Schechner and Willa Appel. Cambridge University Press, 131-48.

1989 “Thinking and Talking about Acting
in Journal of Dramatic Theory & Criticism, 3, 2:1-15.

1989 “Three Bodies of Practice
in Social Science and Medicine, 28, 12:1289-1310.

1988 “For whom is the invisible not visible?
in The Drama Review, 32, 1:95-106.

1987 “Where the hand is…
in Journal of Asian Martial Arts, 4, 2:205-14.

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